Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm moving. Well, my blog is.

As you may have noticed, there has been no activity here for a few weeks. This isn't because a) the Rose City  shriveled up and fell off the bush; b)I shriveled up and fell off the bush; or c) I gave up writing and/or blogging.

What I have been doing requires a bit of a list. For a long time, I was searching for a new day job, convinced as I was that making enough money to actually pay all the monthly bills in the same month would be an awesome way to make writing easier. Hard to concentrate when you're worried about whether you can keep the lights on or if you can stretch the food you have for three more days.

Fortunately, I actually found the right day job, working fewer hours for more money! Sometimes, life works out.

I've also been very busy with writing on my WIP (though I've fallen behind in the last week and a half) and with researching all sorts of topics related to writing - craft, business, publishing. And I've also been designing a new blog.

I originally started this blog as a chronicle of my progress on my novel, but it wasn't really cut out to be a public endeavor that could legitimately be part of an online platform. So I built one that is meant to be that: I call it Writing While Insane. I hope you'll follow me over there, because it's really going to be a much more interesting place for all those people out there who aren't me. And that encompasses most of you.

Thanks so much for befriending me on this rather self-focused blog. Please go claim your reward by visiting my new one!

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