Thursday, July 21, 2011

Breaking the final (round) frontier!

Contrary to appearances, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I haven't been blogging here mostly because I was concentrating on real life stuff while also maintaining my 500 words a day quota (which I'm happy to say, I've been meeting).

Also, I'm preparing to start a "real" author's blog soon, one that is a lot more focused on establishing a platform than this rather inward-focused tool has been.

At any rate, the word count stands as follows:
Yay! I'm almost 37% finished with my first draft.

In other news, I learned late last night that I'm a finalist in the NYC Midnight Screenwriter's Challenge 2011! We started with about 425 screenwriters divided into 25 heats. The top five from each heat were chosen and divided into another five heats, and the top five of of those were selected as finalists.

I was really happy with the second script I wrote because, unlike the first one, the genre prompt was fantasy rather than--ugh--romance. Now I wait until 9:00 pm Pacific tomorrow for the final prompt, which will give us a genre, a required subject, and a required character type. I will then have until 9:00 pm to turn in a five-page screenplay. Yes, that's a 24-hour turnaround! Sounds terrifying, doesn't it?

All 25 of us will be writing to the same prompt this time. Please join me in praying that the randomly-chosen genre is NOT romance.

And just in case you're interested, feel free to check out the screenplay that got me into the final round.


Jo Eberhardt said...

Good luck for the next round! :)

Leanne D. Baldwin said...

Thanks, Jo!

Emerald Barnes said...

Congrats Leanne! That's exciting news! Good luck in the next round!! :D