Friday, July 15, 2011

Matter over mind

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been dealing with more or less constant migraine or migraine-related symptoms that have seriously impeded my ability to concentrate. We get so accustomed to thinking of our brains as multitasking miracle organs that it comes as a bit of a shock when some of that multitasking performance is reduced by illness or ailments. Yeah, so my heart is still pumping well and my various autonomic functions are proceeding properly--so what? I can't seem to form complex sentences on the first try! I'm trying to comment on someone's blog and I'm completely missing my own point! This, frankly, SUCKS.

Even in dealing with my own blog, my mind is in disarray. I want to put up a post every day--and normally, I can--but this week, it was not to be. This is not even the topic on which I wanted to write today, but the actual topic is both too complicated for my fractured mind to do justice to and too important not to get right, so instead, you're getting this. Please accept my fervent apology.

The good news (thank God, there's some good news) is that I have managed, in spite of it all, to keep up my daily word count. I've been hitting about 550 words a day and allowing myself to be satisfied with that. The plot is marching along and the writing feels good. By that, I mean that I feel that I am producing fruitful material, not that the material I'm producing is necessarily great or that it will even survive past the second draft. It's just that what I'm putting down now is at the very least seeding the plot down the road and possibly seeding the second draft.

I have no idea if that last point is at all clear, but in case it is, I'll leave it in. I hope that over the weekend, I'll get back some of my missing cognitive abilities and can write a post that better illuminates what I'm trying to say.

And before I forget to mention it, I have unceremoniously crossed the 30% completion mark on the first draft and continued right to 31%:
Feel free to celebrate as you see fit. :D But please, no fireworks. I've had enough of those, inside and out.


Emerald Barnes said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon, Leanne. Not too long ago, I had a migraine for nearly two weeks, and what you said is so true. It messes with your mind, and it's near impossible to form sentences. At least sentences that make sense. I am glad to hear that your making your word count. Bravo! I hope you have a full recovery soon.

Leanne D. Baldwin said...

Thanks, Emerald. My brain seems to be clearing up a little as the day wears on, so maybe this will be a good weekend. :)

Emerald Barnes said...

I hope it will be :)