Friday, July 1, 2011

Gotta get out more... and go to bed earlier!

Somehow, I have apparently skipped 23% with the 1126 words I added yesterday! I now have a grand total of more than 24,000 words. Pretty crazy!
Of course, my progress is not without a price. I decided to go out and do a couple of things again last night and stayed out until well after 10:30 pm, and still wanted to do another 400 or so words before going to bed. Needless to say, this was not a prudent decision. Today I have a persistent mild migraine to deal with.

But I don't regret going out one bit. I went to Powell's to attend Scott Sparling's reading from his newly published book Wire to Wire, and am so glad I did. Scott lives here in the Portland area and this is his first novel, although he has been working on it for twenty years. It was fascinating, and very entertaining, to hear his tale of this literary journey. I am eager to read his book now!

After that, I visited a friend on the way home and wound up staying for a couple of hours. Don't regret that, either; the lack of prudence was in staying up late to continue writing. Should have cut myself some slack and made up for it on the long weekend.

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